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—   Internal window washing
—   External window washing
—   Building washing
—   Carpark sweeping
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—   Floor strip & sealing
—   High ventilation dusting
—   Decontamination work

Pest control

Let us take care of all your ant, cockroach, rodent, bird and bug problems with our commercial pest prevention and removal services.
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JK Facility Services team member spraying the outside of a building for pests.
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Pest control services

Pests have the potential to devastate your business.

Pest control is a facilities maintenance task that is crucial to stay on top of to ensure building cleanliness, health and safety as well as appearance.

Our team of professionals are qualified under urban pest control certification and have a wide range of pest control and animal management services, from preventative measures to management of outbreaks.

We can assist you with your pest control needs discreetly and competently in a safe with eco-friendly chemicals which are safe for your customers and staff.

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