Building & window washes
—   Internal window washing
—   External window washing
—   Building washing
—   Carpark sweeping
Specialist cleaning
—   Floor strip & sealing
—   High ventilation dusting
—   Decontamination work


Clean, healthy schools for your students and staff.
Accommodating a large number of students means that learning environments can quickly become a breeding ground for fast-moving germs if not cleaned and maintained properly. We go the extra mile to ensure your learning environments are properly cleaned and maintained; with the main goal of keeping students healthy and in the classroom.

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Why use us?

  1. Award Winning
    Our commercial cleaning team were recipients of the Supreme Winner Franchise System of the Year & Winner Business to Business Franchise System of the Year at the 2023 Westpac New Zealand Franchise of the Year Awards
  2. Combine your maintenance contracts.
    Being part of the NZervio Group of Companies, We provide absolutely everything you need to effectively clean, maintain and manage your facilities. It means you can leave it all with us.
  3. Flexible solutions tailored to your requirements
    We understand that every client is different, which is why we will work with you to design a schedule that meets your needs and your budget.
  4. We can service anywhere in New Zealand.
    With regional offices located around New Zealand and over 500 franchisees located from the top of the North Island to the bottom of the South, we're available in every corner of the country. So no matter how remote your workplace is, we'll be able to meet your needs.
  5. Priority response times.
    When you need maintenance, specialist cleaning, or a repair urgently, you can count on us. We'll make it our priority to get it fixed as soon as possible.
  6. Licensed & insured to protect you.
    Your facility can be your livelihood. We don't take our job lightly - we hold all the correct licenses and $40 million in general insurance liability to protect you and your workplace.
  7. Quality-assured service delivery.
    We are committed to high-quality, reliable outcomes for our clients. We use the latest technology, sustainable methods, expert equipment and highly trained, committed franchisees for all services. All our work is carried out with our trademark attention to detail.
  8. We use Eco-friendly products.
    We are fully committed to sustainability and use a sustainable cleaning using probiotics and eco-friendly chemicals. These cleaning products that are perfectly safe for humans, plants, pets and do not have any negative impact on the environment.
  9. Cost effective services.
    We invest in the latest technology and expert equipment. When required to work at heights, we use telescopic lances to reach upper levels without the need for expensive scissor lift hire or working at heights certifications.
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What people say
Thank you to Anna Liu, the franchisee that looks after The Fred Hollows Foundation NZ office. Having just moved offices for the second time in almost 7 years, we had no hesitation in insisting with our Property Manager that we retain Anna’s services.

For us, one of the most important things as a client, is having trust and confidence in our cleaning service provider to do a great job and to respect our property. And Anna does this time and time again.
Sharon Orr
Chief Operating Officer
The Fred Hollows Foundation
Our visitor centre looks great, the floors shine, and the toilets well maintained and stocked with supplies. Our offices are also great, we are very happy with the level of cleanliness in them too.

Ushant is very proactive when needing supplies and is comfortable dealing with us directly on urgent matters. We are very happy with the service from Jani-King.
Ros Alford
General Manager Corporate Services
Zealandia Te Māra a Tāne
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